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Deciding whether to stay in a relationship? My 10-week 'Should I Stay or Go?' program can help you gain clarity and confidence to move forward in the way that feels right for you.

I specialize in helping you improve relationships with your spouse, partner, family, or yourself.  Some difficulties you may be experiencing:

>   Relationship doubts & decisions

​>   Relationship breakdown

​>   Separation & divorce

​>   Conflict & communication

​>   Anxiety & insecurity

​>   Trauma & past wounds

​>   Family difficulties

​>   Self-actualization

​>   Should I stay or go?


therapy relationship Toronto
Toronto relationship therapist

With warmth, empathy, and skill, I will help you move forward, especially if you feel stuck or overwhelmed.  I will support you to heal wounds, build resilience, gain insight and confidence, connect more deeply, and live fully.  I bring a mindful approach to therapy that can nurture a change in how you relate to yourself and to others.


For couples, I take care to ensure you both feel well supported in the process of re-connecting and restoring safety, trust and intimacy in your relationship.

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