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What we do

How to get help for myself or my relationship


Therapy is not about changing who you are.  It's about changing how you relate to yourself and the world.

Individual Psychotherapy

In a safe and supportive space, I will help you connect with your emotions and articulate needs, gain insight and mindful awareness, heal past hurts or trauma, break old patterns, create new ways of coping and bolster resilience, and increase confidence, fulfilment and self-compassion.


If you are struggling to make a decision, I will guide you to make the distinction between desire and decision, understand your needs and fears, gain clarity, learn to trust yourself, and feel confident about moving forward.

Couples Therapy

In a couples session, we will carefully shift from blame to understanding how you and your partner's brain and biology affect the dynamic of your relationship. I will help you learn to better understand each other, to de-escalate tension, reduce conflicts, build relationship resilience, and strengthen and maintain connection.


It is important to me that couples feel safe and that both of you feel supported in the process, with therapy bringing you closer together.

'Should I Stay or Go?' Program

Are you struggling to decide whether or not to stay in your relationship or marriage?


The 'Should or Stay or Go' program is an 8 - 10 week structured program to help you gain clarity and confidence to move forward in the way that is right for you.  I will help you explore your wants and fears, identify old patterns of behaviour, address unresolved grief or trauma, and distinguish between desire and decision. Through written reflection and insight exploration, you have the opportunity to strengthen trust in yourself and your ability to make this decision.

Sessions are held in-person at my office in Toronto at Danforth and Chester Avenue.


Phone sessions are available 

for individual therapy.

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